Do Statues Lives Matter?

Frank Rizzo was a brute that forced black men to strip in front of reporters in the 70s
The statue of brute Frank Rizzo was a target for BLM protestors

Why Are Protestors Tearing Down Statues?

Confederate and colonial statues are falling all over the world
Statues of Stalin have been removed in Eastern Europe
Protestors have also targeted the Abraham Lincoln statue for the way it depicts black men
Frederick Douglas, a former slave-turned-abolitionist spoke out against the ‘nauseating flatteries’ of some of the statues

Why Mob Rule Sucks

Another statue is removed in Baltimore
The statue of Frederick Douglas was removed in retaliation
Martin Luther King statues have been targeted throughout history
The statue of Ulysses S. Grant was also targeted in the latest wave of statue removals

Should Statues Be Removed?

The statues of Christopher Columbus were beheaded or removed

Statues Are Not Killing Black People

Armed anti-BLM militia have taken to patrolling the streets in the wake of protests and statue removals
Here is a counter-protester ‘protecting’ a monument in the UK
Soviet statues of Stalin have been removed in Eastern Europe
Removing statues by mob rule does not encourage healthy debate



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Jan is a journalist, copywriter and human rights activist who has worked for regional newspapers, marketing agencies across the world.