Back by Popular Demand: Lynching In ‘Post-Racial’ America

Did this vile practice ever truly go away?
Robert Fuller’s death was ruled a suicide
Malcolm Harsch
Dominique Alexander
The noose is often used as a terrorizing symbol

Is There More To His Story?

Amani Kildea
Amani dreamed of a career in the military
A petition has been circulated about Amani’s death

Can’t Suicides Just Be Suicides?

Are these really suicides?
The official suicide verdicts in these hangings have evoked a high level of mistrust
During the Jim Crow era public lynchings such as the one above were also reinterpreted as ‘suicides’

Botched Lynching Goes Viral

The above video shows a mob apparently trying to lynch Vauhxx
Vauhxx Booker is a survivor of a botched lynching
Vauhxx documented his harrowing experiences extensively on Facebook
Christi Bennett

How Many More?

Otis Gulley (left)

History of Lynching

Lynching has a dark and terrifying history
Jeffrey Littlejohn
Ray Windbush

Jim Crow And His Fake Suicides

Lynchings were all the rage during Jim Crow. All the deaths of these black men were officially rules as suicide
This was fairly typical of the policing in the 1960s and 70s (and some would argue it is still relevant today)
Imagine having to beg people not to kill you
Doubts over the official suicide rulings were expressed as early as the 1930s

The Legality of Lynching

Rand Paul seemingly doesn’t think lynching should be a federal crime
Kamala Harris has campaigned for anti-lynching laws
Emmett Till, 14 was lynched and tortured in 1955
Democratic congressman Bobby Rush has proposed an anti-lynching Bill

Early Attempts To Criminalize Lynching

George Henry White was one of the first black congressmen to propose an anti-lynching bill in the 1900s
Ida B Wells later earned a Pulitzer prize for her work in journalism

Conclusion: Did Lynching Ever Stop?

Ahmaud Arbery’s murder was a modern day lynching that took place in February 2020
These men have been accused of allegedly lynching Ahmaud Arbery
This noose was discovered in a Baltimore park. In some cases, authorities claimed they were ‘exercise aids’



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Jan is a journalist, copywriter and human rights activist who has worked for regional newspapers, marketing agencies across the world.