I put taking the knee in the same category as knocking down statues, raising your fist in the air and changing your Facebook picture to a BLM banner.

All of those things are a form of gesture politics — where the symbol takes on more meaning than the very thing…

Angelina Jolie has raised important points about racial inequalities in healthcare.

Angelina Jolie recently opened up about her daughter Zahara’s surgery and unveiled the racial bias inherent in the healthcare field.

She revealed that her daughter, who is black, faced bias due to institutionalised racism after undergoing an operation. Doctors asked if her daughter’s skin had ‘turned pink’. …

This isn’t likely to be a popular article. Blogs that attack ‘both sides’ very rarely are.

We all like easy answers. Nobody likes a fence sitter.

In the minds of some people, those who don’t take a position are too apathetic to decide properly, or are bedwetters that are too…

I believe in free speech. But I’m not an absolutist.

Let’s get one thing out of the way for those in the back: I don’t think you should be arrested, shot or ‘disappeared’ for having a subversive or politically incorrect opinion.

I don’t even support the current hate speech rules in the UK where you can be arrested for being…

There’s been a purge recently and statues all over the world are falling down. It appears that Rome is crumbling and protestors, angered by the senseless death of George Floyd have taken out their ire on the colonial statues of the world.

The statues that are literally falling victim to…


Jan is a journalist, copywriter and human rights activist who has worked for regional newspapers, marketing agencies across the world.

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