10 Things Conspiracy Theories That Actually Aren’t

UFO Disclosure Has Happened

The US military has confirmed the existence of UFOs

Mad Scientists Are Changing The Weather and Trying to Block The Sun!

Harvard scientists announced that they were using geoengineering to dim the sun

Biblical Locust Plagues Are Tormenting Humans

Locusts have been plaguing parts of Africa and the Middle East

Steaks Fell From The Sky in The Kentucky Meat Showers

Meat showers falling from the sky

CIA Has Confirmed Existence of The Matrix and Out of Body Experiences

The CIA has confirmed the existence of out of body experiences

Lucid Dreams Have Been Scientifically Proven

There is a scientific basis to lucid dreams

GMO Mutant Mosquitos and Parasitic Wasps Unleashed in the Wild

Parasitic wasps have been released in the UK

The Government Listens In On Everything

The Investigatory Powers Act gives the government the power to monitor the browsing habits of every computer in the UK

The Government Used Civilian Guinea Pigs

The governments of the world have routinely experimented on their own citizens

Joints for Jabs

Residents in Washington and New York have been offered cannabis joints in exchange for injections

There’s No Such Thing As Reality

Scientists have apparently disproven the very idea of reality itself



Jan is a journalist, copywriter and human rights activist who has worked for regional newspapers, marketing agencies across the world.

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